Bring Our Jobs Back is owned by Holly B. Martin, a freelance science writer and technical copywriter with a background in engineering and many years of experience writing about all aspects of the manufacturing industry.

Bring Our Jobs Back is inspired by Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Trump campaigned on a platform of bringing jobs and prosperity back to the U.S. using a combination of political tools.

Trump understands what George H. Gallup (1901-1984) founder of the Gallup Poll, discovered: what the whole world wants is “good jobs.”

According to Gallup:

“Good jobs are essential to a thriving economy, a growing middle class, a booming entrepreneurial sector and, most importantly, human development.

“Creating as many good jobs as possible should be the No. 1 priority for business and government leaders everywhere…”

We can be thankful that the next President of the United States understands that priority, and is determined to carry it through.

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