Ignore All the Negative Headlines Pooh-poohing Trump’s Plans

703a42085f54ee9b1e8041855824f59406c0392c2a3938178f20aacf06fbaa37Brought to you by the same people who guaranteed he would never win!

All the “smart people” KNEW that Trump would never be President of the United States. And yet, he won the election on Nov. 8, 2016.

So, what are these naysayers saying now?

Trump’s Empty Promises to Coal Country – MIT Technology Review

Based on reports from “energy experts” and “observers,” there’s nothing Trump can do to reverse the damage done to the coal industry by punitive environmental regulations. And besides, oil and natural gas are flowing so freely, there’s no more need for dirty, rotten coal!

Ford Sees Bumps Ahead with Used-Car Glut, Trump Presidency – Industry Week

Awww. Ford has the sads because it’s been spending big $$ to ramp up its autonomous and electric vehicle (EV) business, in order to meet stringent (and unreachable) environmental goals set by President Obama—which goals are now in question.

Yes, the real problem with Trump’s positions, according to a Ford spokeswoman:

“even more [challenging] than the renegotiation of international trade agreements, is to question government subsidies on electric cars.”

Can the Trump Train Derail the Global Supply Chain? – Industry Week

The “potential impact” of Trump renegotiating NAFTA and trying to bring manufacturing back to the US, “would most likely be trade wars, rising prices of supplies and consumer products, longer lead times and higher manufacturing costs.”

China Responds to Trump’s Trade War – Engineering.com

He’s not even president yet, folks.

Bad Math Props Up Trump’s Border Wall – MIT Technology Review

“It simply can’t be done at the price Donald Trump has claimed.”

So there you have it, folks. Everything Donald Trump stood for during possibly the greatest upset election in history—is debunked, trashed and otherwise discredited. He’s doomed to failure, DOOMED.

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